Future gigs

  • TitleDateVenue
    Tilburg Metalfest7th Sep 2024 10:00 amFoxfarm - TILBURG
    Sessie X Metal-special 2nd edition12th Jan 2025Hofke van Marijke - Deurne

    Past gigs

  • NrTitleDateVenue
    153Hofke van Marijke, Deurne17th Mar 2024 2:00 pmHofke van Marijke - Deurne
    152Ragnarok Live Club, Bree, Belgium11th Feb 2024 8:00 pmRagnarok Live Club - Bree
    151KOFA, with Ill Trusted28th Oct 2023 8:00 pmKOFA - Vlaardingen
    150KOFA, with Onkt6th May 2023 8:30 pmKOFA - Vlaardingen
    149KOFA21st Oct 2022 9:00 pmKOFA - Vlaardingen
    148Warm Onthaal – with Daemorthan6th Aug 2022 8:00 pmCafé Warm Onthaal - Den Bosch
    147Warm Onthaal – with Liquidation30th Oct 2021 8:00 pmHet Warm Onthaal - Den Bosch
    146Herrie Metalfest25th Sep 2021Hal25 - Alkmaar
    145Metal in Het Warm Onthaal26th Sep 2020 8:00 pmHet Warm Onthaal - Den Bosch
    CANCELLED – Gates Of Naraka II19th Sep 2020 12:00 pmGates Of Naraka - Wormerveer
    144KOFA Thrash Bandpit4th Jul 2020 9:00 pmKOFA - Vlaardingen
    143With Vice, Sunless Rise and Catalyst8th Nov 2019Ragnarok Live Club - Bree
    142With Behind Bars and Houndwolf19th Oct 2019Muziekcafé de Meister - Geleen
    141On the house heavy, with Objector18th Oct 2019Willem Twee Poppodium - Den Bosch
    140With Antidemon (BR) and Freakings (CH)26th Sep 2019Ragnarok Live Club - Bree
    139Nijmeegse Vierdaagse Feesten, with Behind Bars and The Invict15th Jul 2019Backstage - Nijmegen
    138NL Metal Night, with Reign of Bullets and The Invict7th Jun 2019Boerderij - Zoetermeer
    137With Gigatron200024th May 2019Little Devil - Tilburg
    136Woodkots presents: LIVE AIDS 2 Judgment DAY!22nd Dec 2018World Skate Center - Den Bosch
    135With Inferum30th Nov 2018Todo - Best
    134Warborn Waste + Dead End + Persistense24th Nov 2018Musicon - Den Haag
    133With Lemniscate22nd Sep 2018Café Warm Onthaal - Den Bosch
    132Doc’s Metalcruise – With Sinister, Dead End, Disquiet, Grindpad, Sepiroth, Splinterbomb, and The Lucifer Principle.25th Aug 2018Doc's Metalcruise - Den Bosch
    131Stonehenge festival 201828th Jul 2018Stonehenge Festival - Steenwijk
    130Aggressive Music Fest21st Jul 2018Aggressive Music Fest - Pohori
    129Club Orthodox20th Jul 2018Club Orthodox - Mlada Boleslav
    128With Disquiet, Bloodphemy a.o4th Nov 2017StudioGonz - Gouda
    127With Mouflon, Dead End, Misantrophia & The Lucifer Principle21st Oct 2017O.j.c Maddogs - Groesbeek
    126With Neocaesar14th Oct 2017Brigant - Arnhem
    125With Fleshcrawl (DE)3rd Sep 2017Jan Hertog Live Club - Maasmechelen
    124Local Loudness Festival15th Apr 2017WPC NL3 - Wateringen
    123With Largemetal & The Invict17th Mar 2017Willem Twee Poppodium - Den Bosch
    121God Is Dead Fest 201623rd Dec 2016Todo - Best
    120With Splinterbomb5th Nov 2016Cafe De Trap Af - Papendrecht
    119With Grim Ordeal1st Oct 2016Cafe Canada - Stekene
    118Hedon Zwaar, with Disquiet & Grim Ordeal24th Sep 2016Hedon - Zwolle
    117With Splinterbomb & The Invict23rd Jun 2016Extase - Tilburg
    116Death/Thrash Alliance 2016, with Grim Ordeal a.o.14th May 2016De Tavenu - Waalwijk
    115With Bring On The Boodshed4th Mar 2016Willem Twee Poppodium - Den Bosch
    114With Nevermind & Splinterbomb30th Jan 2016JC De Poort - Den Bosch
    113Monster Metal Halloween Party, with Ann My Dice (NL) & Insane Mind (DE)31st Oct 2015Stadtschreiber - Gronau
    112The Cave, Amsterdam, NL2nd Oct 2015The Cave - Amsterdam
    111Muziekcafe Lohengrin, Den Bosch, NL18th Jul 2015Muziekcafe Lohengrin - Den Bosch
    110Rockcafe Spider, Balk, NL24th May 2015Rockcafe Spider - Balk
    109The Jack, Eindhoven, NL12th Apr 2015The Jack - Eindhoven
    108P79, Den Bosch, NL13th Dec 2014P79 - Den Bosch
    107Musicon, Den Haag, NL29th Nov 2014Musicon - Den Haag
    106The Little Devil, Tilburg, NL7th Nov 2014Little Devil - Tilburg
    105W2, Den Bosch, NL31st Oct 2014Willem Twee Poppodium - Den Bosch
    104Jeugdsoos Blanko, Emmen, NL18th Oct 2014Jeugdsoos Blanko - Emmen
    103Staddijk, Nijmegen, NL20th Oct 2012Staddijk - Nijmegen
    102World Skate Center, Den Bosch, NL12th Oct 2012World Skate Center - Den Bosch
    101Jeugdsoos Blanko, Emmen, NL28th Jul 2012Jeugdsoos Blanko - Emmen
    100Heiland Festival27th May 2012Xinix - Nieuwendijk
    99Staddijk, Nijmegen31st Mar 2012Staddijk - Nijmegen
    98Staddijk, Nijmegen3rd Dec 2011Staddijk - Nijmegen
    97Bambi Galore, Hamburg25th Nov 2011Bambi Galore - Hamburg
    96Oefenbunker, Landgraaf18th Nov 2011Oefenbunker - Landgraaf
    95MACC festival29th Oct 2011 -
    94Tavenu, Waalwijk24th Sep 2011De Tavenu - Waalwijk
    93Todo, Best16th Jul 2011Todo - Best
    92Xinix, Nieuwendijk13th May 2011Xinix - Nieuwendijk
    91De Rots, Antwerpen27th Apr 2011De Rots - Antwerpen
    90Metro, Waarschoot (BE)25th Apr 2011Metro - Waarschoot
    89De Vinger, Den Haag24th Apr 2011De Vinger - Den Haag
    88The Rambler, Eindhoven23rd Apr 2011The Rambler - Eindhoven
    87The Little Devil, Tilburg22nd Apr 2011Little Devil - Tilburg
    86Café 545, Ede18th Mar 2011Café 545 - Ede
    85De Bastille, Schoonhoven26th Feb 2011De Bastille - Schoonhoven
    84MS Treue, Bremen20th Feb 2011MS Treue - Bremen
    83Bambi Galore, Hamburg19th Feb 2011Bambi Galore - Hamburg
    82JuzMcFly, Neuenkirchen18th Feb 2011JuzMcFly - Neuenkirchen
    81The Jack, Eindhoven23rd Jan 2011The Jack - Eindhoven
    80Koje, Emsdetten18th Dec 2010Koje - Emsdetten
    79Eulenspiegel, Rheine17th Dec 2010Eulenspiegel - Rheine
    78Hangar 20, Breda14th Nov 2010Hangar 20 - Breda
    77W2, Den Bosch5th Nov 2010Willem Twee Poppodium - Den Bosch
    76The Rambler, Eindhoven18th Sep 2010The Rambler - Eindhoven
    75Plein 79, Den Bosch11th Jul 2010Plein 79 - Den Bosch
    74Muziekcafe Smileys, Brunssum10th Jul 2010Muziekcafe Smileys - Brunssum
    73Doomstar Metalfest21st May 2010Perron 55 - Venlo
    72Meisenfrei Bluesclub, Bremen9th May 2010Meisenfrei Bluesclub - Bremen
    71Break Out, Asendorf8th May 2010Break Out - Asendorf
    70The Rambler, Eindhoven2nd May 2010The Rambler - Eindhoven
    69De Rots, Antwerpen30th Apr 2010De Rots - Antwerpen
    68The Little Devil, Tilburg29th Apr 2010Little Devil - Tilburg
    67De Vinger, Den Haag28th Apr 2010De Vinger - Den Haag
    66Waalhalla, Nijmegen17th Apr 2010Waalhalla - Nijmegen
    65AK 47, Düsseldorf-Flingern13th Mar 2010AK 47 - Düsseldorf
    64Rockknaipe Eiche, Crailsheim12th Mar 2010Rockknaipe Eiche - Crailsheim
    63Club My Way, Freiburg11th Mar 2010Club My Way - Freiburg
    62De Bastille, Schoonhoven27th Feb 2010De Bastille - Schoonhoven
    61Rambler, Eindhoven4th Dec 2009The Rambler - Eindhoven
    60Jongerencentrum 4all, Zevenaar20th Nov 2009Jongerencentrum 4all - Zevenaar
    59Plein 79, Den Bosch4th Oct 2009Plein 79 - Den Bosch
    58JC Argus, Alkmaar26th Sep 2009JC Argus - Alkmaar
    57Rockcafé Backstage, Nijmegen11th Sep 2009Backstage - Nijmegen
    56Rockcafé Backstage, Nijmegen10th Apr 2009Backstage - Nijmegen
    54Festival Impulsief, Sint Michielsgestel4th Apr 2009Festival Impulsief - Sint Michielsgestel
    55De Mads, Waalwijk4th Apr 2009De Mads - Waalwijk
    53Dynamo, Eindhoven24th Mar 2009Dynamo - Eindhoven
    52Music-café Smileys, Brunssum14th Mar 2009Muziekcafe Smileys - Brunssum
    51Soos Plock, Volkel7th Mar 2009Soos Plock - Volkel
    50O.J.C. Maddogs, Groesbeek28th Feb 2009O.j.c Maddogs - Groesbeek
    49Willemeen, Arnhem9th Jan 2009Willemeen - Arnhem
    48De Vleugel, Nijverdal6th Dec 2008De Vleugel - Nijverdal
    47J.C. De Poort, Dongen22nd Nov 2008J.C. De Poort - Dongen
    46W2, Den Bosch1st Nov 2008Willem Twee Poppodium - Den Bosch
    45Little Devil, Tilburg3rd Oct 2008Little Devil - Tilburg
    44Het Podium, Hoogeveen27th Sep 2008Het Podium - Hoogeveen
    43Café Mukkes, Leeuwarden26th Sep 2008Café Mukkes - Leeuwarden
    42Muziekgieterij, Maastricht26th Jun 2008Muziekgieterij - Maastricht
    41Xinix, Nieuwendijk17th May 2008Xinix - Nieuwendijk
    40JC Partis, Sint Michielsgestel24th Apr 2008JC Partis - Sint Michielsgestel
    39Tavenu, Waalwijk15th Sep 2007De Tavenu - Waalwijk
    38The Cave, Amsterdam25th Aug 2007The Cave - Amsterdam
    37Odeon, Veldhoven10th Jun 2005Odeon - Veldhoven
    36Pop-ei, Eindhoven13th May 2005Pop-ei - Eindhoven
    35Todo, Best4th Dec 2004Todo - Best
    34Manifesto, Hoorn20th Nov 2004Manifesto - Hoorn
    33JC Elektra, Sliedrecht13th Nov 2004JC Elektra - Sliedrecht
    32Parkhof, Alkmaar24th Apr 2004Parkhof - Alkmaar
    31Bosuil, Weert28th Mar 2004Bosuil - Weert
    30JC Elektra, Sliedrecht27th Mar 2004JC Elektra - Sliedrecht
    29Crossroads, Kaatsheuvel6th Mar 2004Crossroads - Kaatsheuvel
    28Tavenu, Waalwijk10th Feb 2004De Tavenu - Waalwijk
    27Music Temple, Roosendaal8th Feb 2004Music Temple - Roosendaal
    26Happy Days, Etten-Leur1st Feb 2004Happy Days - Etten-Leur
    25Xinix, Nieuwendijk17th Jan 2004Xinix - Nieuwendijk
    24Tavenu, Waalwijk21st Nov 2003De Tavenu - Waalwijk
    23Babylon, Woerden27th Jun 2003Babylon - Woerden
    22Utopia, Drunen21st Jun 2003Utopia - Drunen
    21Het Kaatje, Oss8th Jun 2003Het Kaatje - Oss
    20O.J.C. Dingus, Venray5th May 2003O.J.C. Dingus - Venray
    19Het Kasteel, Alphen a.d. Rijn25th Apr 2003Het Kasteel - Alphen a.d. Rijn
    18Altstadt, Eindhoven18th Apr 2003Altstadt - Eindhoven
    17De Boulevard, Den Bosch23rd Mar 2003De Boulevard - Den Bosch
    16Tavenu, Waalwijk24th Jan 2003De Tavenu - Waalwijk
    15Parkhof, Alkmaar18th Jan 2003Parkhof - Alkmaar
    14De Kei, Reusel23rd Nov 2002De Kei - Reusel
    13Het Kaatje, Oss27th Oct 2002Het Kaatje - Oss
    12Baroeg, Rotterdam26th Oct 2002Baroeg - Rotterdam
    11Willemeen, Arnhem18th May 2002Willemeen - Arnhem
    10Tavenu, Waalwijk5th May 2002De Tavenu - Waalwijk
    9Crossroads, Kaatsheuvel30th Apr 2002Crossroads - Kaatsheuvel
    8Tavenu, Waalwijk23rd Mar 2002De Tavenu - Waalwijk
    7Pink Panther, Den Bosch9th Feb 2002Pink Panther - Den Bosch
    6Boulevard, Den Bosch8th Feb 2002De Boulevard - Den Bosch
    5Goudvishal, Arnhem1st Nov 2001Goudvishal - Arnhem
    4013 kleine zaal, Tilburg31st Oct 2001013 - Tilburg
    3W2, Den Bosch21st Sep 2001Willem Twee Poppodium - Den Bosch
    2De Rotonde, Berkel en Rodenrijs1st Jun 2001De Rotonde - Berkel en Rodenrijs
    1De Pit, Utrecht12th Jan 2001De Pit - Utrecht