PERSISTENSE is back at full force!

After Gio sadly had to part ways with Persistense last year we’ve been looking for a good replacement to fill up the void he left behind (yeah, we still miss you Gio!). After several auditions and many attempts to find a worthy successor we finally found ourselves a new soulmate!

We proudly present to you our new guitar player: Bas Wijnbergen! Bas already put a lot of effort into learning the songs and is very excited to play with us, as are we! Bas has already achieved a lot of band, studio and live experience with his previous bands, Burning Hatred and Izegrim, so we are confident he will be a good addition to the band.

We are looking forward to sharing the stage with Bas and writing new songs together! Our first show with Bas on guitar will be August 6th in Den Bosch (NL), with Dæmorthan, and we are sure many will follow!

Some words from Bas himself:

I’m very excited to announce that I have joined Persistense on guitar.

I’m looking forward to create brutal material and wreak havoc on stage with this bunch of sexy beasts.

See you soon, during one of our future shows!


Photography: Ben Nienhuis – BWC pictures

Persistense band 2022