Official statement from our guitarist Gio:

Man, joined this band 3 and a half years ago. No tabs, no isolated tracks, and a mini-tour to Czech Republic was planned in just a couple of months. Had to learn the songs by ear and feeling and man, that first live show with Persistense was a hell of a great one! Sitting in a car for 12 hours with your new band tends to shape a special kind of friendship aswell. But let’s not talk about the Vaseline right guys?

Gotta say I had so much fun with the band. Great memories and some great shows aswell. But with a pandemic in between and just a change of circumstances, you gotta make choices in life. And at the moment, I can’t give a 100% in building toward a next level for this band.

We were still working hard on new material (and the new material seriously kicks ass) but as I said, I can’t give a 100% right now. So Persistense and me have to part ways. And what better way to do that than have a last party gig in Den Bosch! Maybe I will see some of you there this Saturday, and maybe I will see you at another gig. But then I will not be standing on stage. Dudes, good luck with the new material. I’m sure the new album will kick ass!

See ya guys.

We (Stefan, Patrick, Marco and Marcel) regret and respect Gio’s difficult decision, wish him all the best in the future and look forward to giving a kick-ass show tonight in Den Bosch! This last show with Gio will be a blast for sure!
Also, we would like to thank Gio from the bottom of our hearts for his contribution, his energy en jokes. Gio will surely be missed and we hope we can find a good successor.
So once again, Gio: thank you so much, we couldn’t have done this progress with the band without you and we’ll stay in contact! We’ll meet again at gigs of Persistense or otherwise.